On the Issues

Scotts Valley is an incredible place to live, work and raise a family. It didn’t get this way by accident. I like to think my collaborative, commonsense leadership, and enthusiasm for listening, has played a meaningful role in our collective success.

I believe we can grow in a controlled, moderate, sustainable way while keeping the small-town character we all cherish. Our incredible natural beauty, sense of community and unsurpassed quality of life are far too rare today, and well worth protecting. I’m proud of the balanced approach I bring to growth and development, and of my proven willingness to say no to bad projects. I’m proud of both leading local tax measures that were necessary and voting against new spending more often than any other Councilmember.

My wife Lea and I have four kids who are products of Scotts Valley public schools. I’m especially proud of my strong relationships with education leaders, years of volunteering in the classroom, chairing school fundraising auctions, and doing everything possible to ensure our schools thrive. I believe my work as your Mayor and Councilmember has kept Scotts Valley on the right track, and I’m energized by all we can accomplish going forward by working together!

Jim Reed is Keeping Scotts Valley On the Right Track

Protecting Core City Services

  • Promoting community policing to keep Scotts Valley the safest city in the county
  • Attracting great cops by prioritizing officer pay, longevity bonuses and the Explorer program for local youth and future recruits
  • Aiding weekly farmers’ market, July 4th parade and fireworks and Scotts Valley’s new library
  • Supporting great parks and recreation programming and senior center activities
jim reed scotts valley police

Maintaining Fiscal Discipline

  • Delivering services today with 20% fewer staff than 15 years ago
  • Voting against new spending more often than another other councilmember, but leading the charge for temporary taxes when needed
  • Increasing online service delivery to save money and make government for responsive
  • Reforming government pensions, sharing staff and services with other cities, maintain A+ credit rating

Partnering Closely with Our Schools

  • Stationed a police School Resource Officer at Scotts Valley High School
  • Initiated upgrades at city-owned, multi-purpose rooms at Vine Hill and Brook Knoll schools
  • Affordable, city-run after school recreational programs at Brook Knoll and Vine Hill Elementary schools
  • Classroom volunteer, PTA auction chair, Room Parent, school crossing guard; helped run campaigns for new middle school and school parcel tax
Jim Reed Scotts Valley Schools

Prioritizing Environmental Protection

  • Introduced successful ordinance eliminating fees on social panel installations
  • Introduced successful ordinance providing cash to replace water-hogging fixtures and requiring new commercial developments to plumb for recycled water
  • Pushing for greater regional cooperation with scarce water resources, exemplified by the City’s success in selling excess recycled water to Pasatiempo Golf Club for maintaining their greens and replenishing our aquifer with recycled water

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